A Dedication to Gardner Hicks

A black and white picture of Gardner Hicks. He is smiling wearing a collared shirt. he has glasses and a hat on.

When we discuss work to be done on parts of the Preserve, it’s helpful to have a quick way to identify that part. Often, we use the name of the previous owner. But from time to time, we want to honor someone and will rename a part of the Preserve for them.

This summer, the Foundation will dedicate what has been known as the Wymer parcels of the Preserve in honor of Gardner Hicks. The parcels will be called “Gardner’s Garden” in recognition of the countless hours that he spent restoring these previously severely damaged parcels. Gardner was a long-time director of the Foundation who served for many years as the Chair of the Preserve Committee. Restoring these heavily impacted parcels was his special project.

We wrote about Gardner’s tireless work on the Preserve last year as we looked back on all the people who have shaped our mission, vision and long-term commitment to stewarding lands not just in Hidden Valley, but across the Salish Sea region.

It has been a long journey that Gardner was integral in mapping out. From the work we have completed to restore Wildcat and Chico creeks to the work we will be doing in his honor to preserve and protect this place that was so special to him.

Today, the restoration work he was doing on the two parcels has been taken over by a troop of Girl Scouts who are continuing to plant native trees. It’s wonderful to watch the health of these parcels improve while inspiring young people to protect and preserve our wild spaces. We know Gardner would be proud of his legacy and to know the current and next generation are carrying it forward.

– Katha Miller-Winder, President