People belong in nature. Too often we relegate that belonging strictly to physical activity like hiking, climbing, and camping, but the ways to connect to nature are so much more than physical activity.

Sun coming through the trees and you can see blue skies. You are looking up into the trees

It is the sounds and sights and textures of the outdoors that foster our ability to embrace nature and feel that sense of belonging. Whether you’re out on the Preserve for our Yoga in the Forest walk and meditation, enjoying peaceful contemplation, or quietly observing and learning, everyone is welcomed in nature. In short, all of us are refreshed by being in nature. It engages all the senses like nothing else.

As we contemplate how we invite you into nature with us, we’re investigating what would be required to list the Big Tree trail as a designated meditation trail. Our goal is to encourage people to consider time in nature as more than simply outdoor recreation, but rather as a chance to truly connect with the natural world. That’s something we strive to do with all our field trips.

We may not explicitly state this work as one of our education goals, but it remains one of our core values that will always be present in all we do.

– Katha Miller-Winder, President