• Bark is the Tree’s Skin

    Bark is the Tree’s Skin

    Tree bark is like our skin and requires us to take care of it so it remains healthy.

  • Inspiration, Action is Sparked by You

    Inspiration, Action is Sparked by You

    Many of you know that the Keta Legacy Foundation is led by an all-volunteer group of community members passionate about the outdoors and environmental stewardship.

  • Earth Day is Everyday

    Earth Day is Everyday

    Since the Foundation’s founding in 1968, the all-volunteer board has worked to connect people to wild places and protect wildlife and salmon habitat, mountains, waterways and natural history of the Salish Sea region.

  • Belonging


    People belong in nature. Too often we relegate that belonging strictly to physical activity like hiking, climbing, and camping, but the ways to connect to nature are so much more than physical activity.

  • Nature Inspires Us

    Nature Inspires Us

    The Rhododendron Preserve inspires us.

  • Celebrating Accomplishments, Legacies

    Celebrating Accomplishments, Legacies

    It’s been a busy year, not just with the work to move forward from the years-long litigation, but all the incredible improvements we’ve made on the Preserve.

  • People and Trees

    People and Trees

    Have you ever visited the Palouse country in eastern Washington? If you have, then you’re familiar with the miles and miles of rolling hills planted with various crops

  • Volunteers Make a Difference

    Volunteers Make a Difference

    In January, we again set out to restore the landscape in Hidden Valley at the Preserve by planting a couple hundred native plants and trees. On a cold but clear day, our volunteers and board members showed up to do this important work that benefits fish, birds, and other wildlife at the Preserve.

  • Moving Forward

    Moving Forward

    I want to personally thank everyone who has reached out to me and other Keta Legacy Foundation board members regarding the resolution of the final piece of the litigation with The Mountaineers on the use of the name “Mountaineers Foundation.”

  • Moving Forward: Legal Matter Resolved, Foundation Looks to the Future

    Moving Forward: Legal Matter Resolved, Foundation Looks to the Future

    We are incredibly pleased to share that after months of good-faith negotiations with The Mountaineers, we have reached agreement on the remaining issues in the litigation that started in 2019.

  • Remembering


    Have you ever noticed how similar pine, fir, and spruce are in appearance? Not being able to easily tell which kind of conifer you’re looking at has always been a challenge.

  • A Look Back and Ahead

    A Look Back and Ahead

    We are never short on big plans for the Preserve, whether it’s formalizing our intern program or restoring our creeks and landscapes. With the help of volunteers, we had a great 2023!