Celebrating Accomplishments, Legacies

It’s been a busy year, not just with the work to move forward from the years-long litigation, but all the incredible improvements we’ve made on the Preserve.

the pavilion with trees in the back ground.

Although it seems like a lifetime ago that we finished work on the new pavilion, it has only been a couple of years. As you may recall, we removed the old homestead structure that was falling apart and creating a hazard for curious visitors. We have since restored the landscape with native plants and trees to ensure we honor the landscape and waterways that are home to healthy fish populations and wildlife. We also completed the new bridge over Wildcat Creek. The old bridge was listing due to years of being tossed about during high flow events. The new bridge is sturdy, high enough above water level to be unaffected by flood conditions, and looks amazing.

To celebrate these milestone projects, we’re planning to hold a ceremony dedicating the pavilion and bridge, which would include installing the markers that are still in the design phase. We want to honor all of you who generously contributed to the Foundation to make the Preserve even more enjoyable. We’re looking forward to more activities on the Preserve and in Hidden Valley such as the Yoga in the Forest.

We are also planning to hold a dedication event for the renamed section of the Preserve named in honor of former Director Gardner Hicks. The area abuts the Forest Theater, a fitting location since Gardner was a great supporter of both the Foundation – serving as a long time board member who worked tirelessly on restoring that section – and Mountaineer Players, nearly singlehandedly keeping the Theater in working order.

We’ll keep you informed on the dates of these events and hope you will join us to celebrate all the work we’ve done with your help.

– Katha Miller-Winder, President