Clearing the Path for Growth

I’m very happy to report that the demolition work on some property that the Foundation acquired on Seabeck Highway Northwest was completed in December. It was a big job, but the space and improved access for visitors that it provides made it well worth the effort.

It took a lot of planning and hard work to remove the blue garage, little yellow house, and all remaining garbage on the property. The Foundation now has 1.3 acres, or an area about the size of a football field, worth of land along the west side of the highway. This additional space will allow the Foundation to have easier access for school bus parking with the goal of constructing a welcome center in a couple of years.

The first picture shows the sheer amount of garbage on the site when we purchased it last summer and the other shows the scale of the demolition work and size of the property. But the work is not done. We plan to reseed the bare areas this spring and further naturalize the site as time goes on and our plan for the overall space comes into focus.

It’s amazing how much we have achieved in 2022 and all that we have ahead of us. Your support made all of this work possible. Thanks so much!