Since 1968 our donors have been at the heart of our work. Thank you for supporting our natural legacy. You make the difference!

Keta Legacy Foundation – has demonstrated our integrity for 50 years by honoring the wishes of our donors.

Celebrating 50 Years

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You may also mail donations to us at:

Keta Legacy Foundation
P.O. Box 5749
Bremerton, WA 98312

The Foundation’s conservation-focused mission is like no other’s – to promote actions and foster understanding that inspire conservation, from the Rhododendron Preserve to the Salish Sea region.

You can help preserve, inspire and educate in the Salish Sea region by giving a charitable donation today. Thank you for your investment!

Jeff Wirtz, President

Note: While the Foundation sometimes partners with The Mountaineers, the similarly named, recreation-focused alpine club, we have always been separate and independent from one another.

These are just a small sampling of the accomplishments made possible by generous donors like you:

  • Purchased a 60-acre conservation easement from Ueland Tree Farm
  • Raised $16,000 gross donations to replace the foot bridge to Big Tree
  • Protected thousands of salmon within southern Puget Sound by protecting riparian zones along Chico Creek and its tributaries
  • Multiplied environmental work within the Salish Sea region by supporting 65+ conservation focused organizations through our Community Grants Program
  • Improved habitat within the Rhododendron Preserve
  • Ensure critical spawning habitat remains pristine for the largest Chum Salmon run in southern Puget Sound
  • Cleaned up the Hidden Valley Ranch, historically a Paschall Family homestead
  • Added acreage to the Carbon River Corridor
  • Supported environmental preservation from the shores of Dyes Inlet to the Cascades and Olympic Mountains

Fund Details

Greatest Need

Keta Legacy Foundation will apply your donation where it is needed most.

Community Grants

Your gift will support projects that promote education and study of mountains, forests, and streams of the Salish Sea region, and contribute to preserving its beauty and ecological integrity.

Rhododendron Preserve

Your donation will support enhancing the Rhododendron Preserve through:

  • purchasing buffer property to protect rare Puget Sound lowland old growth forest
  • conservation easements
  • property taxes
  • land stewardship
  • maintenance

Conservation Education

Your gift will support educational programs that utilizes the Rhododendron Preserve as a resource and/or outdoor classroom.

Land Acquisition

Your donation will support land purchases for conservation, environmental protection, and preservation.