Earth Day is Every Day in Hidden Valley

As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, it’s a good reminder that every day is Earth Day at the Preserve.

Looking back at the last 50 years, the Preserve has grown to almost 500 acres, parcels around the property have been cleaned up, and forestland restored. Chico and Wildcat creeks have had tons of debris removed from them and their waters cleared for robust salmon returns. In fact, the creeks have some of the healthiest salmon runs in Western Washington.

Moon center of the picture, lighting up the sky with trees making a half circle around it

The old homestead has been removed and the land cleared of debris. This created space to not only replant the landscape with native species of plants and trees, but also to build a pavilion to host educational and community groups to learn about conservation.

As the restoration and plantings are being done, great care has been taken to take climate change into account to ensure that the recently planted trees and plants can withstand the warmer and drier conditions that we’re experiencing in Western Washington.

It’s a labor of love for our environment and the future of our planet. So, as you celebrate the official Earth Day this month, we hope that you’ll come out to the Preserve and experience first-hand the good work that we’re doing to create healthy landscapes and waterways today and for future generations.

– Jeff Wirtz, President