Earth Day is Everyday

A drawing that says "Make every day Earth Day." The writing is in an earth with clouds above and hand holding the earth. Under the hands are flowers and leaves.

Since the Foundation’s founding in 1968, the all-volunteer board has worked to connect people to wild places and protect wildlife and salmon habitat, mountains, waterways and natural history of the Salish Sea region. The success of this ongoing effort is illustrated in the years of restoration work to improve the health of Wildcat, Lost, and Chico creeks, prime salmon spawning habitat. The Keta Legacy Foundation name honors that commitment.

Keta is the species name for chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta). This simple word – keta – honors our unique role in creating an environmental legacy for future generations by conserving forests, streams, the marine environment, and the communities that depend on them.

We know that healthy forests are the cornerstone of healthy waterways, thriving wildlife habitat supports biodiversity across the landscape. This also improves the health of our overall environment, adding yet another critical piece to ensuring healthy air, clean water and a thriving community connected to nature and their role in preserving the lands and waters for future generations.

That’s why we view everyday as Earth Day. Every action to restore the creeks and implement treatments that make the forests healthier is a labor of love for our planet. Whenever you come out to the Preserve this summer, and we hope you do, we hope you come away with hope and inspiration for what we can do – large and small – to preserve and protect the Earth and all its creatures.

– Katha Miller-Winder, President