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We work with local schools and community members to offer customizable educational opportunities at the Rhododendron Preserve.

We work with local schools and community members to offer customizable educational opportunities at the Rhododendron Preserve. The Preserve is an amazing property to engage and inspire student curiosity. From the abundant salmon runs in the fall, to the lush green forest in the spring and summer, the Preserve is the ideal outdoor environment to observe the power of environmental preservation.

Our volunteer instructors are local environmental professionals and enthusiasts who truly enjoy sharing their knowledge of local plants, animals and conservation.

Get Inspired by Examples of Previous Field Trips

Private, guided salmon education programs during the salmon spawning season, for groups of up to 15 people. Hike the Big Tree trail, view salmon in Wildcat, Lost, and Chico Creeks, and learn about the importance of protecting the Chico watershed.

Kitsap Salmon Tours

Earth Day teach-in, hosted by the Foundation, for South Kitsap High School’s AP Environmental Studies and Oceanography students. The students learned from EPA scientists and hiked the Big Tree trail.

Earth Day Teach-in

A local Girl Scouts troop adopted a section of the Rhododendron Preserve and our volunteers taught the Scouts about land stewardship, the importance of trees, and how to remove scotch broom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Foundation address the interest of my kids?

Being in nature engages all the senses in a way that classroom learning simply cannot. Numerous studies have shown a clear relationship between improved behavior and learning results from being in nature.

What opportunities does The Foundation have for education?

We offer education opportunities that you can customize in order to maximize your learning experience. Field trips are expected to align with appropriate learning standards while still allowing the flexibility to be creative and take novel approaches.

Can school buses access the Preserve?

Many school buses are able to enter and turn around in the parking area, but be aware that the Preserve entrance is narrow. We encourage you to view the attached photos or check out the driveway in person, then check with your district for their specific transportation rules.

Will The Foundation help with transportation costs?

The Foundation has a small budget for transportation assistance. Use the form at the end of this page to apply.

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