Exciting Education Plans and Partnerships

The Education Committee has a lot happening these days! We are developing new partnerships, adding resources, and hiring dedicated staff. It is exciting to see the new things happening and our program growing. 

A women in a bright dress in the middle holding a possum puppet with two men dressed in black behind her along with a forest scene and 3 other puppets.

The Education Committee is working on developing a partnership with Thistle Theater, the northwest’s premiere puppet theater company. Discussions are still in their infancy, so we are not sure what the final collaboration will look like. Our hope is that we find a way to work together to produce and present environmental-themed puppet shows to bring to schools. We’re especially excited about the idea of making something like this available to schools in Kitsap County. A partnership like this may potentially result in something extraordinary. It is exciting to explore where this may lead!

Another new resource that is exciting is our new membership in BKAT (Bremerton Kitsap Access Television). With this membership, we will have access to BKAT’s equipment, skills, and knowledge, enabling us to better tell our story. We’ll have the potential to create educational videos that will allow us to reach a wider audience. A long-held dream of creating a salmon life cycle documentary centered on the Preserve could become a reality. We’re looking forward to seeing ideas and projects become reality. Stay tuned. 

In order to make use of the new partnerships and resources, we’re making plans to hire a dedicated Education Intern. We were inspired by the success of the Preserve Committee’s intern program. On-boarding our own intern will allow us to grow and cement our existing programs. 

– Katha Miller-Winder, Education Committee