Finding Common Ground

As I close out my term as Foundation president in early February, I am incredibly hopeful that we will reach an agreement with The Mountaineers to settle the overall litigation without a trial. While we’re still in confidential negotiations, we’ve made a lot of strides toward a resolution.

Sun coming through the trees and you can see blue skies. You are looking up into the trees

Over the past four years, we have reached out several times to see if we could enter into negotiations that were open and free from outside influence. In September, when the property rights ruling was handed down, we reached out again and received a positive response to take up our discussions on the remaining items in the litigation. Since then, we have met several times, trading different ideas and solutions that benefit both organizations and move us past the legal hurdle ahead, which would be a trial.

Our goal has always been to work in good faith to reach a resolution that benefits both the Foundation and The Mountaineers so that both organizations can focus their resources on the good work that their donors expect.

In honoring our confidentiality agreement, I can’t share much more, but I’m hoping to share good news in the coming weeks. Until then, we’ll keep meeting and working hard to close this chapter and move forward.

– Jeff Wirtz, President