Legacy Giving

The Keta Legacy Foundation is honored to work with legacy donors and be remembered through legacy giving. Benefactors with the desire to support the future of our mission can donate through planned giving. Our donors are able to care for programs important to them beyond their lifetime.

My brother, Carl Skoog, was an outdoor photographer with a passion for public lands. After his death, some of Carl’s friends contributed to a fund in his memory. Carl’s family decided to work with the Keta Legacy Foundation to administer the fund in keeping with Carl’s passions.

Over a period of several years, the Foundation identified projects that were consistent with this vision and consulted with Carl’s family before approving them for funding. This was a mutually beneficial relationship, providing the family with confidence that funds were being used according to the mission we had prescribed.

—Lowell Skoog

Contact Emily Mottino at 360-362-5654

Legacy Donors

We are grateful to our Legacy Donors for making a lasting impact on our mission and community.

Legacy Giving FAQ

What is the Mountaineers Foundation?

The Foundation was founded in 1968 as the Mountaineers Foundation. That remains our legal name today, though since 2018 we also added the use of Keta Legacy Foundation to this moniker. While The Foundation sometimes partners with the recreation-focused Mountaineers, we have always been separate organizations and are independent from one another.

What if my family named Mountaineers Foundation in their will?

We always honor the wishes of our generous supporters who choose to name The Foundation in their wills. Our legal identity is still Mountaineers Foundation though we now sometimes also use it with Keta Legacy Foundation. We gratefully accept gifts, donations, or bequests identifying either Mountaineers Foundation or Keta Legacy Foundation. Please contact us for more information.

Does this Foundation receive bequests?


Does The Foundation allow named funds?

Yes. For example, the Paul Wiseman Fund.

Does The Foundation honor designated fund donations?


Can I begin donating to my own named fund while still living and then continue giving after my death?


How do I name The Foundation in my Last Will and Testament?

Please contact us for more information.