2021 Projects


  • The Great Peninsula Conservancy

    The Great Peninsula Conservancy

    Provide Land Labs sessions to approximately 300 students at Mountain View Middle School. The Land Labs program uses standards-based curriculum to connect students to the land and cultivate stewardship values in the next generation.

  • The Rivershed Society of BC

    The Rivershed Society of BC

    Develop an educational toolkit for the Foodlands Corridor Restoration Program, in partnership with local Indigenous communities and agricultural landholders.

  • Friends of the San Juans

    Friends of the San Juans

    Expand an immersive science education pilot project for high school students using virtual reality to connect students with the local marine food web, to be available to schools throughout Washington state.

  • Native Fish Society

    Native Fish Society

    Promote education, engagement and stewardship to help improve the region’s habitat conditions for the Coastal Cutthroat Trout through a speaker’s education series.

  • Northwest Natural Resource Group

    Northwest Natural Resource Group

    Create a new interactive curriculum on ecological forestry for an estimated 2,700 students from the densely urban Highline School District. The project will help deepen the students’ connection to the forested hinterlands of the Salish Sea watershed.

  • Puget Sound Estuarium

    Puget Sound Estuarium

    Double the number of K-12 students who can participate in field trips that provide education about estuarine ecology and conservation, include a forest walk and observations of saltwater and freshwater wetland ecosystems.

  • Student Conservation Association

    Student Conservation Association

    Offer financially-insecure and diverse urban youth a paid opportunity to gain environmental education and workforce development skills through hands-on conservation projects at local parks and green spaces.

  • Washington Association of Land Trusts

    Washington Association of Land Trusts

    Bring together nearly a hundred private land conservation organizations and other natural resource professionals at the Association’s 2021 Northwest Land Camp to promote greater support for open space protection, land conservation and environmental education in the Salish Sea Ecoregion.