Grant Guidelines

How To Apply

When judging proposals, the Foundation looks for evidence of the following:

  • innovation and originality
  • audience/message/probable impact of educational projects
  • the applicant’s ability to conduct and complete the work
  • feasibility of the project
  • a realistic and reasonable budget
  • commitment from the other agencies you will partner with
  • significance to the environment or the community

A Few Important Details

  • We do not pre-screen applications or accept letters of inquiry.
  • We will not review incomplete applications.

Items 1-5 below must be included in your application.

  1. A completed Grant Application Form
  2. A short (4-page maximum) narrative telling us about:
    • your organization’s mission
    • exactly what you propose to do; why it is important; how it addresses the Foundation’s priorities for conservation education; what outcomes you expect to achieve
    • who will do the work; include either resumes or short narrative descriptions of qualifications
    • a project schedule, including regular progress reports to the Keta Legacy Foundation
  3. Your organization’s previous year’s Profit and Loss statement and current Balance Sheet (please do not include audit reports or IRS filings); and a specific detailed budget for this project, including cash flow, which shows how the Keta Legacy Foundation funds, and the funds you have requested from others, will be spent
  4. Your organization’s tax-exemption statement from the IRS
  5. Evidence (e.g., a letter) of commitment from any organization you have included in your project’s work scope. For instance, if you intend to conduct your project in a school, we need to know that school officials have approved the project.

If you think your project falls within our guidelines, please complete the Grant Application Form.

When to Submit Your Application

Application deadlines are:

  • March 6th (Level 1 grants)
  • October 2nd (Level 2 grants)

These are dates for receipt of proposals. Unless we have further questions about your project, we will notify you about our funding decision approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the application deadlines.

If We Fund Your Project, We Expect:

  • Regular progress reports, as specified in your proposal
  • Final project report: this is a requirement for all funded proposals
  • A copy of any materials you produce with our funding
  • Appropriate credit to Mountaineers Foundation, a Washington public benefit corporation aka Keta Legacy Foundation
  • A link to on your web site if applicable
  • All funds granted to be used for the purposes described in the grant application

Please note: If your project is canceled for any reason, including lack of funds, our grant may not be used for general operating expenses and must be returned to the Keta Legacy Foundation.