Inspiration, Action is Sparked by You

Many of you know that the Keta Legacy Foundation is led by an all-volunteer group of community members passionate about the outdoors and environmental stewardship. We have different experiences and different expertise, but together we all share the same purpose of doing good for the environment through our work with and on the Preserve. It’s your input that inspires us to think outside the box, to tackle important projects and create greater opportunities for groups to access our community grants.

A group of kids standing in front of a tree on the preserve with rain jackets on.

Everything we do on the Preserve and in our giving is made possible by your generous donations. Along with our annual Fall For Fish fundraiser in October, there are two campaigns this time of year that help us raise funds to continue our work: The 2024 GiveBIG campaign and the Kitsap Great Give.

All the donations are used by the Foundation programs that fulfill our goals to preserve the land and waters, inspire current and future environmental stewards and educate students of all ages to understand and find wonder in our wild spaces.

It’s our passion that inspires us to volunteer in our roles, leaving your donations to pay for restoration projects, student field trips and our successful intern program that has helped us learn even more about the unique ecosystems of the Preserve.

We hope you’ll consider giving this month and we’d love to see you at Fall For Fish on Oct. 5th. Thank you for all you do to support our important work.

Jeff Wirtz, Vice President