New Boundaries

Map of the new boundaries after swap with the Mountaineers

Earlier this year, the Foundation’s board worked hard to negotiate a settlement with The Mountaineers to address the final outstanding piece of litigation. In the process, while unrelated to the legal matter, both groups sat down to look at the boundaries of the parcels owned by each organization based on our needs and access points for our ongoing restoration work and events. Together, we worked on a property “swap” agreement that meets the needs of the Foundation and The Mountaineers.

Because our land parcels connect and uses overlap, like the use of the Forest Theater and the parking needed for it over the summer months, we hired a land survey company to outline the parcels of interest for both organizations. We then tried to make fair adjustments through land swaps and an exchange of easements for access and other needs as work continues at the Preserve and annual theater programming takes place.

As such, we now have a more cohesive land map that better suits the needs of both organizations. The Mountaineers’ Forest Theater now has the additional parking that they need for their programming. The Foundation, in turn, received the hillside from the Big Tree trailhead down to Wildcat Creek in the property swap. Both organizations also received easements that create better access and opportunities for future electrical needs and restoration efforts on their respective properties.

The Foundation’s board worked tirelessly on the ins and outs of the benefits of the property swap and we could not have been successful without the willingness of The Mountaineers to work in good faith to reach an agreement.

– Jeff Wirtz, Vice President