New Parcels Taking Shape, Plantings Continue

We reported in our last newsletter that the Foundation team and volunteers, as well as contracted service providers, have been busy clearing the two new parcels on Seabeck Highway Northwest. This area will allow for our own dedicated entrance to the Rhododendron Preserve for school buses and other visitors.

The latest work included removing an underground storage tank. While you never know what you may find when pulling out this kind of infrastructure, we are happy to report that the tank was intact, and no soil was contaminated around the tank. This means we can move full steam ahead on our replanting of the site with native plants and trees, as well as do the work needed to make it a welcoming space for visitors.

New trees planted with fencing around them on a hill with ferns and big trees around them.

Rain or shine, planting on the Preserve has continued. We are so grateful for the many volunteers who joined us to continue to do the work necessary to ensure healthy, well-established plants and trees as we head into spring and summer. Read more about our planting work in the last newsletter. You can also read more about how we chose plants and trees based on our changing climate in the Educate article below. We are being intentional with our work to restore the Preserve not just for today, but also the future, keeping in mind that warmer temperatures will continue to impact our typically wet and cool landscapes.

If you want to volunteer for a planting or schedule a class to visit, please email Emily.

– Jeff Wirtz, President