Salmon and Kids Connect

a bunch of cut out salmon in a bucket ready for kids to count and measure for smolt counting. They are different shapes and sizes

The Foundation takes great joy and satisfaction in customizing field trips such as the one for 4th graders that we hosted recently. They wanted to learn about salmon and connect to the Preserve’s salmon run in the life stage they are now.

Since the smolt count was going on during their visit, we created a field trip around it. Students could observe the fisheries biologists at work and engage in their own mock salmon smolt count. We also created a salmon trivia game and tailored the hike to Big Tree to highlight how healthy forests are critical to healthy salmon.

Our wonderful benefactors allow us to do this free of charge and, when necessary, even help us provide groups with funds to offset transportation costs. It’s an amazing way of connecting young people with a healthy ecosystem and showing them how everything is related. It’s a lot of fun for everyone too.

If you would like to schedule a field trip to the Preserve, reach out to us at

– Katha Miller-Winder, President