2024 Spring Grants Awarded

This spring, the grants committee reviewed 15 Community Grant applications that represented nearly $84,000 in requests for funding. We know the needs are great and it is our goal to meet as many as we can through our grants, which have exceeded $3 million to organizations aligned with our mission over the last several decades.

We are pleased to share with you the grant recipients for spring 2024:

Cascade Carnivore project logo

Cascades Carnivore Project: The funds will be used to teach 50 Muckleshoot Tribal School students about wolverine, Cascades red fox, and the Canada lynx. The goal is to share the importance of these rare species and protect their ecosystems from extinction.

Friends of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands: The Foundation’s grant will fund the group’s education programming with Anacortes School District, offering in-school forest education and field trips for all ~850 kindergarten, 3rd grade and 7th grade students in the district.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation: This program creates educational videos that highlight the unique nature and importance of wild fish, giving students an understanding of the importance of protecting and restoring the salmon population and the food sources they rely on.

RE Sources: The grant will fund educational opportunities for students to learn about what they can do to meet the climate crisis with hope. The program fosters an environment of collaborative learning, problem-solving and skill-building.

South Sound Estuary Association (Puget Sound Estuarium): Our grant will provide field learning experiences for over 2,200 children and 500 family members at the Bayshore Field STEM and Salmon Experience Programs.

Washington Wild: This program will use the funds for a workshop for 40-50 teachers as part of the Indigenous Climate Project at the Tulalip Tribe’s Hibulb Cultural Center.

All told, we gave away nearly $29,000 in grants this cycle. It’s an exciting piece of the work we do that extends beyond the Preserve to inspire kids of all ages and all backgrounds to understand and explore the wild lands around us and the values they hold for people, wildlife and fish.

-Renee Johnson, Grants Committee Chair