Grant to Nature Conservancy for the Skagit River Eagle Project

Looking Back

It’s fun to look back on grants we awarded decades ago and see the ripples from that small start. A 1981 Mountaineers Foundation awarded a grant to the Nature Conservancy for the Skagit River Eagle Project. This project worked to preserve the Skagit River Bald Eagle Natural Area. It’s a project that has borne tremendous fruit since that grant was awarded. The natural area was preserved and in 2002 the Skagit Valley Bald Eagle Interpretive Center was built. Today the Skagit River is arguably the most popular place to view bald eagles in Washington and visitors can participate in winter nature hikes to learn how the health of the area’s ecosystem supports healthy salmon which in turn sustains the bald eagles. And Keta Legacy Foundation is proud to have played our small role in this project which has helped protect a local natural treasure and is connecting people with a now-vibrant ecosystem.