Chico Champions

Each year, we present one great individual with the Chico Award at our annual Fall For Fish event. This award is given to someone who has gone above and beyond in the work that they have done for the Foundation and at the Preserve.

A selfie of our Chico Champion award, Casey. He is wearing a backpack and glasses with a blue shirt on. He is surrounded by trees and bushes in the forst.

This year’s award was given to Casey Blankenship. Casey was one of our first interns in 2020 and has helped onboard our new interns ever since. Over the past several years, he has not only used his skills in GIS to map the Preserve and the different ecosystems, but he has also been a leader in making sure that each year’s interns have a good understanding of the work being done at the Preserve  and why it matters.

Casey relayed a great story a while back about a day he spent on the Preserve. He was out in the landscape taking stock of the different stands of trees and came across a stand of old growth on the property. He said the sun was peeking through and it was the most beautiful spot he’d come across in all his work for the Foundation.

He, like us, knows how special the Preserve is and the promise that it holds for the future, both environmentally and educationally, with the work that we continue to do to restore and protect it.

A big thank you to Casey – he embodies the spirit of the Chico Champion award!

– Mindy Roberts, Secretary