2019 Environmental Stewardship Award

We are proud sponsors of the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair.

The Keta Legacy Foundation’s Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes students who are protecting the environment through their science and engineering projects. One project each in grades 1-6; 7-9 and 10-12 received a monetary award and certificate.

Congratulations to the winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award!

Vishnu Mangipudi – 5th Grade Project – Modeling the Effects of Rising Sea Levels on Coastal Cities: Testing the Viability of Wetlands as an Alternate to Concrete Seawalls in the Protection of Coastal Cities from Floods
Fabian Garcia – 9th Grade Project – How Do Different Types of Air Pollutants Affect the Photosynthetic Pigments?
Erica Fajardo – 10th Grade Project – Bioplastic Production from Agricultural Biomass