Foundation Succeeds in Preventing Unfettered Access

Statement from Mindy Roberts, Board of Directors Secretary, Keta Legacy Foundation, also known as the Mountaineers Foundation, on outcome of Mountaineers’ move to force access to Foundation land:

“We are heartened that the court rejected the Mountaineers’ demand for unfettered access to the Rhododendron Preserve, only permitting them limited summer use of the Foundation’s road and parking during the theater performances, and requiring the Mountaineers to pay a $10,000 bond as part of this access. The limited nature of the court’s ruling will help restrict damage to the Preserve, which may have occurred under the Mountaineers’ original requested relief, given their past practices.

“The court will render its final ruling in September, after the theater season has closed.  In the interim, we will continue our good work to protect our decades of stewardship and expansion of the Preserve. The Preserve is a vital part of the Kitsap community and our work to enhance salmon habitat critical to their survival, foster relationships with schools and organizations, and offer environmental and conservation education opportunities for children of all ages.”