July 2019 Events

Branch Out: A Tribute to Trees

July 6

We are partnering with the Kitsap Regional Library in their Discover Outdoors kids program (K-5).

Our very own Katha Miller-Winder will engage participants with an exploration of trees and forests. Come learn about how trees are like people,  discover why trees grow the way they do, and explore how trees communicate with each other.

This activity will be held at the Kitsap Regional Library’s Sylvan Way branch. For registration and more information please visit the Kitsap Regional Library’s website.

NextGen Outdoor Camp

July 25

We are partnering with the Great Peninsula Conservancy in their NextGen Outdoor Camp program. On July 25th, the NextGen students will visit the Rhododendron Preserve and learn about the forest from our dedicated volunteers. The students will also learn from the West Sound Wildlife Shelter and observe one of their wildlife ambassadors.

NextGen is a program designed to offer no-cost outdoor experiences to youth from Kitsap. For more information about the program please visit GPC’s website.

Girl Scouts Service Project

July 28

A very dedicated troupe of Girl Scouts has adopted an area of the Rhododendron Preserve. These hard working Scouts will be at the Preserve once again to monitor their planting project. The Foundation’s volunteers will be helping with this stewardship project as well.