Learning from Our Tribal Partner

We talk a lot about partnerships at the Foundation, but there is one partner in particular that we’ve leaned on for support more than any other – the Suquamish Tribe. As many of you know, the Preserve is located on traditional lands of the Suquamish Tribe and their knowledge of the area and the delicate nature of our salmon streams is invaluable.

Traps for smolt counting is in the front of the picture. The traps are in the creek with trees, bushes and the sky behind it.

Each spring, they share their expertise to count salmon smolts in our creeks, advise us on any changes that may impact them, and guide us in our efforts to create more resilient and healthy forests to support wildlife and salmon. Some of you may not know that the Tribe has also helped us purchase land to add to the Preserve, increasing our total conservation area to close to 500 acres.

Together, we keep a watchful eye on how our work impacts the environment, from the native plants and trees that we plant after removing debris and invasive species, to the removal of the old homestead materials from Hidden Valley and concrete from the creeks. It’s truly a great partnership that has benefitted the Foundation in incredible ways. We are thankful for their willingness to guide us and work alongside us as we create an outdoor space that is both welcoming and a model for conservation efforts in our region.

– Mindy Roberts, Secretary