Multiple Grants to Nature Conservancy

Looking Back

Preserve. Inspire. Educate. Those are the three concepts that capture the mission and vision of the Foundation. We love the way they are interwoven and reinforce one another. When we preserve a piece of property in its natural state, that property is there to inspire and educate future generations.

One organization that does tremendous work to protect beautiful spaces that inspire a love of the outdoors is the Nature Conservancy. The Foundation has supported the Nature Conservancy’s land acquisition effort numerous times through our Community Grants Program. One example is their 320-acre Black River Preserve south of Tumwater in Littlerock, which we helped fund. This remarkable preserve is home to several species of salmon and fish and a remarkable array of riparian wildlife from mink and beaver to great blue heron. If you want to see the preserve up close, you’ll have to grab your kayak or canoe! You can read about one such acquisition here. By awarding grants to Nature Conservancy’s land acquisition projects, we are making sure people have healthy ecosystems to connect with.