Nature Inspires Us

About 5 people standing around a table with a table cloth and food on it. They are at a beach by a river on the right. There are trees in the distance with blue skies and clouds.

The Rhododendron Preserve inspires us.

Caring for the Preserve is, for many of us, the catalyst that inspires us to do so many of the other things that add to the richness of our stewardship mission.

It inspires our Community Grants program, giving us the opportunity to partner with and support like-minded environmental groups and outdoor programs. The Foundation has granted more than $3 million to groups and projects over the years to foster a better understanding of the delicate ecosystem in the Salish Sea region. We’ve funded educational opportunities for school children to explore in nature and learn about the many ways they are tied to the land and waters. Additionally, we’ve supported inclusive outdoor experiences to ensure everyone can enjoy our beautiful landscapes and waterways.

The Preserve is truly the epicenter of the ripples that flow out into the wider community and inspire action. It reflects our mission and vision through inspiring action and creating a peaceful place to walk and take in the sounds of the creeks and the wind through the trees.

As we head into the time of year when we see more people in the Preserve, we hope everyone sees our vision of protecting and connecting with the habitat, mountains, water, and natural history of the Salish Sea region in the restoration work completed and underway.

– Jeff Wirtz, Vice President