Thank You Amy Gulick!

Our annual Fall for Fish benefit dinner was a fun evening. We enjoyed great food and listened to Amy Gulick speak about the importance of protecting salmon habitat and educating others about salmon.

Thank you to Amy Gulick for sharing your work with us and for teaching us a “handy” way to remember 5 different types of salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

Hold out your hand and repeat after me:

  • Thumb: Rhymes with “Chum”
  • Pointer: “Sockeye” pokes your eye
  • Middle: Longest finger reigns “King” (Chinook)
  • Ring: “Silver” is worn on the ring finger (Coho)
  • Pinkie: is for “Pink” salmon

Amy Gulick

Funds raised during the event will support the construction of an open sided pavilion for outdoor education on the Rhododendron Preserve.